How to write a post on blogger

You can also add new authors, tags, and campaigns from this screen.

How to write a Blog Post on Blogger

You might think why. Now, on average, it takes me 60—70 minutes to write and format a single post. That includes everything except promotion which is a whole different ball of wax. Please leave your comments below.

Remember that the majority of your readers will not have the same skill level that you do.

Create, edit, or delete a post

Click here to find writers for your blog posts. Pre-edit before you start: Also known as lede for journalism geeks, this term describes the first paragraph, the hook of your story where your job is to grab the attention of the reader, How do you hook your reader. Give specific examples of your own experience for greater audience appeal.

Most bloggers who are considered authorities in the blogosphere all agree on this specific principle: Here's my strategy, and you can emulate it if it fits your style. It's really another way and example of how journalistic strategies can work in content marketing.

First, split your content into multiple, easily recognizable parts. Thus it will be easier to generate ideas. Proofreading is not optional. Well, there you have a few current ideas you can incorporate in writing blog posts your readers will tweet.

You have to tell them to go do it, showing them each of their next steps. Both need to convey meaning in a manner that captures attention.

How to Write a Blog Post

Title tag — displays on search engine result page and represents the page title for search engines. Define your blogging goals and periodically ask yourself if your blog is helping you meet them.

First, pick a problem that you know how to solve, and then write a blog post sharing the solution. Corcoron uses the model for sharing ideas found in the book Made to Stick:.

Blogger lets you safely store thousands of posts, photos, and more with Google for free. Join millions of others Whether sharing your expertise, breaking news, or whatever’s on your mind, you’re in good company on Blogger.

Now you can select blog posts that you are going to write and post on your blog. As we mentioned earlier, you will write your posts in support of your cornerstone content. In our case, if we create “A guide to different types of yoga” as a core piece.

How to write a Blog Post on Blogger

You’ve undoubtedly read step by step articles on this blog and countless others that helps you to choose the right blog post ideas, create great blog post content, and. You can create and manage your own blog with Blogger.

Create a blog Sign in to Blogger.

Best Blogging Tips: How to Write a Top Blog Post in 30 Minutes or Less

On the left, click the Down arrow. So you’ve decided to start a turnonepoundintoonemillion.comtulations! You have your web hosting, and you’ve picked a it’s time to write some blog posts.

This can be the toughest part of starting a blog because you might not know where you should start. Step 2: Students Write Blog Posts!

How to Write the Perfect Blog Post

Having answered the questions above, students are now ready to proceed to the next step: actually drafting a post for the blog! This phase could take + hours, depending on students’ speed with idea development and writing/editing.

How to write a post on blogger
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